One Month Down? Already?

Excuse me, where did January go? Was it me or did that just FLY by?

Anyhoo, I hope you all enjoyed the fitness posts around here and that you found them useful! See that “Guides To Boston” tab up there on the right? Why don’t you go hover over that. Boom! Fitness page! That’s where all the January posts will live in infamy, easily bookmarked for when maybe you have a little more motivation.  No judgment here.

In personal news, while all these pre-written and scheduled posts were going up, I went and got engaged!

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Adam, aka Dr. Boyfriend, proposed while we were at Disney World on January 9th and became Adam, aka Dr. Fiance. We promptly got the appropriate Mickey/Minnie ears:

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We’re obviously still in the very early planning stages at this point, but as the ball gets rolling one of these themed months on the blog may be “how to save money and (hopefully) not lose your mind while planning a wedding.”

So now that you’re all fit and feeling good, it’s time to have some fun.  That’s why February’s theme is…

Events 350x117 One Month Down? Already?

Each week this month I’ll be highlighting one of the awesome sites and blogs that I use to find cheap and free events around Boston.  Along with giving you an intro and some background on each, I’ll be attending and writing about an event that I found through them so you can get an idea of all the fun stuff that’s going on and maybe turn off Netflix for a night (ONE night) and get out there.

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  1. says

    Congratulations on the engagement Molly! Have fun wedding planning :) It can be stressful at times, but you’ll miss it when it’s over with!

  2. Danielle Kempe says

    Congrats on the engagement! Try to have fun planning the wedding, and not stress. (I got married 3 years ago and the wedding/reception were great. Sure, something always isn’t “perfect” but that’s life! My husband & I had a wonderful day surrounded by family & friends anyway!)

    I’m looking forward to the events for Feb. I’m a bit of a free event junkie.