Ultimate Guide to Finding Cute Workout Clothes In Boston

Today’s guest post comes to you from Shelby over at Paleo Princess.  I met Shelby at the December Boston Bloggers meet up and let me tell you, she’s delightful. She’s a private trainer and a licensed dietician and is passionate about nutrition and fitness. I’m so glad she was able to put this post together for me!

If you’ve ever walked into a Lululemon or Athleta and thought to yourself “Well, I was excited to workout, until I saw the pricetag,” then this post is for you! Don’t be discouraged by lofty prices. I’ve got the scoop on how to be fashion forward without pinching pennies.

Target: Yes- target has some of the most adorable workout clothes that are also affordable! Plus, they look like lululemon annnddd they last! I own about 10 of their sports bras at the price of $15 a bra! 3 years later, and they still are in mint condition. Plus they come in a variety of bright cute colors!

Old Navy: If you haven’t been inside a gap or old navy lately, then you’ve been missing out on all of their fashionable workout gear. This is another one of my go-to’s for clothes for my crossfit and running needs. Their ACTIVE MESH BUBBLE TANK fits better than Lululemon and comes in a wide variety of colors. Their polyester jackets contain thumbholes, are soft and moisture-wicking, and only $25! Their compressions leggings are also some of favorites that sell for less than $30! Now that’s a steal. If you are more of a Gap person, check out the Gapfit collection. Prices are a little higher, around $30 for the shirts and $60 for the pants, but nonetheless are still breathable, and lightweight, with a fitted style.

Best for running and Yoga:

Aerie: American Eagle’s Intimates store now sells sports bras and athletic clothing. From skinny to flared, their yoga pants are the softest cotton pant I have ever worn! Prices are around $25 for the pants and sports bras. You don’t find much though in the top and sweatshirt department.

Ellie.com: As a personal trainer, about half my wardrobe is athletic apparel. That’s why when I came across this dedicated to providing fashionable and unique workout pieces, I was stoked! The materials are top-quality and moisture-wicking as well as super fashion forward. Prices can get a little steep, BUT you can find pieces as low as $30 I promise! You can order separates or full outfits like the one below (this tank and legging cost $55 together, down from a retail price of $130).

Screen Shot 2013 12 30 at 10.57.20 AM 121x350 Ultimate Guide to Finding Cute Workout Clothes In Boston


Champion.com: This clothing line is specifically designed to improve your shape. The pants and tops shape belly and thighs for an overall toning look! I usually need to wear a sports bra with my athletic gear, and I love that they sell theirs for only $17. The pants are a steal at $40 with their Double Dry fabric that helps keep you cool and dry. I like that the waistband comes up a little higher than most pants too to hide “the pooch.” They also make your butt look just as phenomenal as they would in a new pair of Lulu’s.Now that’s a plus!

Wicked Cheap Note: I’ve also had great luck finding inexpensive workout gear at TJ Maxx and Marshalls! 

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  1. Stephanie Rita says

    So great! I love Target, but didn’t know Old Navy had such a good selection! Definitely going there soon.

  2. Lucie says

    Great recommendations! I’ve never checked out Target or Old Navy before, I definitely will! I was going to recommend Fabletics as well; I have one outfit from them and I am really enjoying it- very comfy!