Introducing TRILLFIT – A New & Hipper Kind of Workout

TRILLFIT is a high energy, beat-based workout party based in Boston, MA. Inspired by hip-hop culture and nightlife, TRILLFIT‘s addictive, sweat-inducing, full-body workouts make fitness fun and promote diversity within the boutique fitness industry. It was founded by Heather C. White,… Continue Reading →

Cheap Yoga Classes in Boston

**List updated as of December 2015, with over 50 yoga studios included. Have any edits or additions? Email me at** To jump down to where you can search for cheap yoga classes by neighborhood, just click here. Free Yoga… Continue Reading →


If you’ve been following this January series, you may have thought “wow, Molly really hates to work out!” and you would be correct. I really do. But for me, the least agonizing exercise is done in the class setting. Zumba,… Continue Reading →

Free Running Clubs

My illustrious running career lasted all of about 8 weeks.  I trained for and finished one 5K, then retired.  There’s apparently something called a “Runner’s High” but I stayed stone cold sober throughout every step.  So, running? Not my favorite…. Continue Reading →

Boston’s Cheapest Gym Memberships

As I mentioned earlier this week, gym memberships in Boston can be cost prohibitive.  My goal this month on the blog is to take the “money” excuse out of the equation when you’re working on those new years fitness resolutions…. Continue Reading →

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