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If you are hoping to get an article published on this site ONLY for the purpose of improving keyword rankings for your own site or your client’s site, please do NOT bother contacting me if you can not adhere to the guidelines below. Keeping the integrity of this website intact is much more important to me than earning a few dollars to help you with your SEO campaign.

This is Why You May Want an Article Published on this Website

Are you a blogger or business looking to gain more exposure for your website? Are you looking to reach an large audience in the Metro Boston area? As of April 2017, Wicked Cheap Boston receives over 3,000 visitors and over 8,500 page views per month, and is growing steadily with goals to exceed 10,000 visitors by September 2017. Contact me to get your article seen by thousands of Bostonians.


Over 72% of the visitors are Massachusetts residents. The visitors fall primarily in the millennial age range, with 41% of them being in the 25-34 age range and 31% in the 18-24 age range. Another 13% of our visitors are within the 34-44 age range. Females represent 64% of our visitors, but we are hoping to create more balance to hit it a 50/50 gender neutral demographic.

We Accept (some) Sponsored Posts

I’m happy to consider a sponsored post to add to my site for the right price, but it must be high quality content. It can include a link back to your site, and I’d be happy to tweet the post out once it’s live. It can be about whatever you’d like, but it MUST relate to the Boston area and affordability, or:

  • A review of a fun event you attended in the area.
  • Tips or tricks to save money
  • A review of a restaurant, venue, business, or product local to Boston.
  • Ideas for cheap things you do for fun in Boston
  • It could even just be an announcement of who you are and what your website is all about, so long as it’s relevant to Boston or you live in Boston yourself.

Are you a Boston Blogger? Let’s Exchange Posts!

If you’re a blog owner and member of the Boston Bloggers, I’d be happy to publish a post of yours on my site in exchange for you publishing a post of mine on your site. Please try to adhere to the guidelines above and I will also do my best to write an article relevant to your blog’s theme and audience.

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