Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies have been forced to adopt remote working. And organizations are realizing how easy it is to build a team of remote workers from all over the world.

However, the challenge with remote working is that it’s easy for workers to feel lonely and unsupported. Thankfully, companies can curb this through virtual team-building activities.

These activities can be strategically designed to improve communication, boost employee morale, and help reinforce virtual teams. They include games, exercises, challenges, etc., using platforms like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom.

Today, we share virtual team-building ideas for 2022 and how to do them. Note that our list includes online games and activities. Let’s get started.

#1.  Virtual Happy Hour & Tastings

This one is still #1 because it’s a simple classic. If you haven’t done any virtual team building activities with your coworkers yet, this is a great place to start. Schedule a virtual happy hour for your teammates for an hour or two to meet up via Zoom to share some cocktails and discuss what’s going on in your lives both professionally and personally. If you need help getting the conversation started, try some get to know you questions. Here’s a great list of over 160 icebreaker questions for virtual meetings especially for work. Pick a theme for your Zoom happy hour or incorporate a virtual tasting. You can try mixology and cocktail making, wine tasting, beer tasting, whiskey tasting, and so much more. The possibilities are endless and your team will thank you for getting them together for a fun break after work!

#2.  Online Office Games

Online Office Games consists of print paper origami, Murder in Ancient Egypt, typing speed races, etc. These are office Olympics that are not only fun but also help foster team engagement with remote workers.

The games are competitive and energetic. Mostly, they are recommended for playing in a zoom room.

#3. Virtual Room Escape

The game involves teams going through various rooms solving puzzles. The aim is to solve a mysterious murder and be able to escape on time.

Since this is a browser game, your employees don’t have to download anything. Plus, it’s a good way of challenging your teams. It’s also engaging. You can even take 70 minutes to complete it. Hence, your workers will build a sense of connection.

We advise playing it via Zoom.

#4. Crime Junkie Virtual Icebreaker

Don’t just start a virtual meeting straight away. Instead, engage in icebreakers that help create personal connections with coworkers. These games eliminate that stiffness and awkwardness that’s in virtual meetings. As such, you can conduct an effective virtual meeting.

Crime Junkie is among the best icebreakers. The playtime is about 60 minutes, so you may want to start the meeting early. The game is adapted for Clue Virtual Murder Mystery, which is a link that you send to all players when playing.

Then you’ll use the app to divide teams, evaluate cues, go through case files, and organize your inner detectives. Note that it is timed, meaning you have to solve the mystery quickly of who murdered Neil Davidson.

You should have collaborative members who know how to communicate to solve the case promptly and effectively. If you manage to solve it, you can celebrate the victory with your team and talk about the whole experience.

But if you don’t manage, still, you can do a group reflection on the mistakes you made and the challenges you overcame.

#5. Virtual Team Building Bingo  

If you’re stuck on virtual team-building ideas, we recommend this popular activity for conference calls. This nostalgic game is suitable for both kids and adults.

It’s played with cards, which you distribute to the members. Then the teams use breakout rooms for small group dynamics. The first person to finish a row is awarded.

#6. Tea VS Coffee: Live Virtual Coffee + Tea Tasting Class

Tea VS Coffee gives members an incredible tasting experience using real beverages. To engage in this activity, you send your workers four specialty teas, coffee types, and infusions via the mail at least one week before the game.

Make sure the envelope directs them not to open it until the day of the event. Then, during the tasting day, your workers will log into their virtual platform, preferably a video café. And listen to a barista tell stories, play virtual games, and lead the tasting ceremony.

Not only is this activity fun, but it educates your workers and caters to global teams.

#7. Escape Room Virtual Icebreaker

This is another exciting game to start your virtual meetings. Usually, it takes sixty minutes. However, your teams can take less time, depending on their speed.

There are various adventures to choose from, each with its own mission. Once you choose one, you will have to collaborate and communicate with your team to figure out how you’re going to escape.

Teams will then log into a zoom call to listen to the host take them through the game. Then use their eyes, ears, feet, and hands as your game guides to play the game. With the host’s help and game guides, your team will find clues to help them solve the puzzle and complete the mission.

If you complete the mission on time, well and good. But even if you don’t, it is still a learning opportunity. Regardless of how the game ends, the leader should review how the game went, the mistakes and wins made during the virtual activity.

#8. Lightning Scavenger Hunt Activities

These are fun and fast- paced team-building games for virtual teams. To play them, you must first invite your remote teams to join a virtual meeting. Then fire clues like “cuddle your pet,” “get your favorite cup,” etc.

The player that solves a clue is awarded a point. Note that members can play and score in groups as well.

#9. Workstyle Personality Tests

Virtual activities can incorporate both fun and learning. And this game helps managers learn how different people in their team work. The best thing is that participants can be as many as you want.

It takes about 60 minutes to complete the tests, and you can activate them easily. By understanding how teams work with each other, it can help build a collaborative team that understands each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Every person is given a profile where they can take as many as six different personality tests. There are also sections where the employees say their working preferences and showcase their performance.

Final Thoughts

Virtual team building activities bring remote workers together and make them feel part of the organization. As such, it increases their performance and team morale. The activities we have listed above can help you build trust, communication, and collaboration with your employees, no matter their location.

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