She Believed She Could So She Did

I’ve started and restarted this post so many times, but it’s proving hard to express all the things I want to express without it coming out super cheesy and flowery and eye-roll worthy.

And then I remembered my favorite gif.

AndyDwyerHappy She Believed She Could So She Did

That’s it right there.  A happiness so bright I want to throw flower petals and spin on a mountain a la Julie Andrews. All because I’ve made a decision – a big one, one that was a long time coming and then happened all at once.

I’ve decided to become a Massage Therapist.

(Record scratch.) “Um, Molly? You already are. You’ve talked about this. Go home, you’re drunk.”

Yes, I’ve been a Licensed Massage Therapist for almost two years now but it’s always been Part-Time-Licensed-Massage-Therapist.  Massage-Therapist-On-The-Side. I’ve worked here and there, some nights and weekends, on friends and family when I’ve had the time but it always came at a price.  I was already exhausted from my full time job and massaging felt like a chore.  I thought I fell out of love.

Over the past few months a series of (fortunate?) events led me to rethink this whole life thing.  Yada yada, existential crisis, yada yada. I was content, sure.  I was lucky and grateful for everything I have.  But I lacked passion and one can only go so long without giving a poop (I like to keep this place family friendly). I needed to focus on what I love and what makes me happy and what would give me purpose.  And also use that education I paid a boat load of money for, that would be nice too.

Have I ever mentioned my lack of patience? I’m basically the least patient person on the planet. So once I had come to this decision, I wanted it NOW. Cut to NOW, literally two weeks after I put this plan in place, I have interviewed, been offered, and accepted a job for a full time Massage Therapist position, and given my notice at my current job.

I get stuff done, you guys.

So what does this mean for the blog?


“Full time” for Massage Therapists at my new place of employment is 24 hours a week. Any more than that and we would collapse in a pile of ouch. Cutting back by nearly 50% on my weekly working hours means a RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF BLOGGING TIME. If you couldn’t tell from the caps lock I’m REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THAT.  Along with massage, writing has become another passion of mine and I’m relieved and happy that I will get to devote much more time to it.

To that end, I’m spreading my internet wings.  While I can delve further into my previous plans for Wicked Cheap, I’m also going to be a contributor over at The Boston Day Book. I’ll be sharing ideas for cheap date nights there.  It’s a series that I always kinda sorta wanted to add to Wicked Cheap but got left in the dust, so I’m really excited I found a place to share it.

I’m surrounded by really, really awesome people.  Adam and family of course, but also some of the most supportive friends a girl could ask for.  I’ve had my own cheering squad every step of the way and for that I couldn’t be more grateful.

April Fools

Did you all enjoy that April Fool’s joke I just pulled on you? The one where I neglected to post anything for a couple weeks, after staying pretty much on-schedule for the first quarter of 2014? Hey, it’s better than being rick rolled.

A combination of awesome things and less-than-awesome things have conspired against me in the past few weeks which left little time for blogging.

If you were following my Instagram last week you saw that one of my distractions was a quick trip to San Francisco followed by wine tasting in Napa Valley.  This, you might have guessed, was one of the awesome things.  Our “plans for when we win the lottery” now include buying a condo in San Francisco.  (This will be our second home.  We would never leave Boston, our true love.)

Other than that, the past month or so has been stressful and complicated and has left me completely drained.  But things are looking up and I’ll be able to make a couple fun announcements soon. Yes, vague, I know, hush.

On top of all that, my plan for the next month theme is a biggie – Performing Arts!  That needs a good amount of planning on my part, which I haven’t been able to do. It’s also something that I loooove so I want to give it as much thought and research as possible.

I’ll be back! Soon! I promise!

BeyonceKiss April Fools

Go Boston and CityPASS

There are two city attraction passes available – Go Boston and CityPASS.  In the past people have asked me whether I thought either of the two passes were worth the money and I have always given my noncommittal answer, “I dunno.”

Very helpful, Molly.

So now, to finish up Museum Month, I’m looking into both!

card pers refl Bos Go Boston and CityPASS

Go Boston Card

The Go Boston Card gets you into 50 attractions at one price – which depends on how many days you would like to use it.

Adult Child (3-12)
1 – Day  $52.99  $36.99
2 – Day  $74.99  $52.99
3 – Day  $121.99  $80.99
5 – Day  $167.99  $116.99
7 – Day  $196.99  $135.99

When you order your card online, you have the option of having it shipped, emailed to print, or delivered instantly to your phone.  You’ll also receive their guidebook with attraction descriptions, hours, and a map.  Your card becomes activated when you visit your first attraction and is then valid for however many consecutive calendar days.

Admission to fifty Boston area attractions are included, and if you purchase the 3, 5 or 7 day pass you can also choose one of the three premium attractions – Boston Duck Tour, New England Aquarium Whale Watch, or Gray Line Boston Tours.  Interesting to note is that though it’s marketed as “Go Boston” many of the attractions are not actually in the city.  These include admission to Six Flags New England, Old Sturbridge Village, and Cape Cod Bike Rental.  Getting to and from any of these admissions would be a full day, cutting down on the deal of the combined pass.

The Go Boston website offers a few sample itineraries but why listen to them when you can listen to your very most favorite blogger?!? Here’s my ideal Go Boston Itinerary (using a 2-Day Adult Ticket)

Day 1:

Boston Hop-On/Off Trolley – this is going to be an easy way to get around to a few places while also learning more about the city.  Once you get your trolley pass, it’s good for two days!  Get on first at City Place near Boston Common (Regular Price: $42)

Stop at the Mary Baker Eddy Library for a walk through the truly unique Mapparium (Regular Price: $6).  Continue on into Cambridge and visit the MIT Museum (blog post) (Regular Price: $8.50).  As the trolley makes it’s way back into Boston you’ll be traveling along the Freedom Trail.  My one recommendation here for history buffs is to pop in the Old State House (Regular Price: $8.50).  Hop back on and make your last stop at the New England Aquarium (Regular Price: $24.95)

Day 2:

It’s Art Day! Head over to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (blog post) (Regular Price: $15), then walk around the corner to the Museum of Fine Arts (blog post) (Regular Price: $25).  These two museums alone can take up a full day.

Your total for a two day Go Boston card: $74.99
Full admission for all these attractions: $129.95
Savings: $54.96 (42%)

01 Go Boston and CityPASS

Boston CityPASS

CityPASS is a booklet of admission to five attractions – New England Aquarium, Museum of Science, Skywalk Observatory, Museum of Fine Arts, Harvard Museum of Natural History OR The Old State House – for $54 ($39 for kids ages 3-11).  This is a savings of 47% percent.  These tickets are valid for nine consecutive days after the first day of use.

When ordering, you have the option of printing at home or having a booklet mailed to you.

While the CityPASS offers less options of attractions than the Go Boston Card, it does include the “Big Three” (that’s how think of the MFA, MoS and the Aquarium) that most first time tourists will want to see, plus the fantastic natural history museum and added bonus of the Skywalk.  The fact that the tickets are valid for nine days is also a nice perk.

Whether either of these options are right for you depends entirely on timing and your “touring” style.  If you’re just in town for the weekend, your two days may feel a bit too full when you try to fit in all of these attractions.  On the other hand, if you want to see as much of the most famous Boston sites in a short amount of time, there’s great deals to be had here.

So yes, it comes down to: “It’s up to you.”

Very helpful, Molly.