The Paint Bar – Sip, Paint, Brag

Did this holiday season run anyone else over by a truck? Thanksgiving got blown in by a blizzard, quickly followed by my birthday festivities, a week long flu, and then BAM CHRISTMAS. I did take some time to get all artsy-craftsy in the weeks leading up to the 25th, though.

I was invited by the folks at The Paint Bar to try out a class at one of their studios. Though I had reviewed a similar company a few years ago, I was still excited to try this out. If you’re unfamiliar, this is a social painting lesson where you show up with any level of experience (yes, even zero experience) and leave with a fabulous piece of art. I always have a good time at these types of things and I wanted to see what a permanent location had to offer.  Rather than other outfits who bring the creative fun to bars in the area, The Paint Bar has two locations – Newton and Newbury St. This means the set up makes a bit more sense when it comes to actually being able to see and hear the instructor and getting your supplies. Big points for The Paint Bar.

PaintBar5 The Paint Bar   Sip, Paint, Brag

The first thing I noticed when signing up for a class is that these types of sip-and-paint places have come a long way in a short time with the types of paintings offered. There’s a lot more advanced-looking stuff that I’d actually want to hang. My first choice was a chalkboard advent calendar, but the universe conspired against me the day of the class and I had to reschedule. I ended up choosing a snowy Boston cityscape.

PaintBar3 The Paint Bar   Sip, Paint, Brag

Our instructor, Elly, led us through simple steps.  That’s what I love most about these classes – you see the finished work hanging up and think it looks super complicated and that yours will never look like that. An hour later you’re patting yourself on the back and contemplating which gallery will exhibit your work best. I think the key is to not think TOO hard about what you’re doing and to stop while you’re ahead. Also, take a sip of wine before each brush stroke.

PaintBar4 The Paint Bar   Sip, Paint, Brag

Not bad if I do say so myself.

PaintBar1 The Paint Bar   Sip, Paint, Brag

Thanks to my friend and coworker Emily for being my date and thanks to The Paint Bar for providing us with a free class!

Half Price Tickets from Me (and Goldstar) to You

Do you hear it? That faint jingling? Aw yeah. It’s the holidays. Time for mittens and peppermint mochas and MY BIRTHDAY and watching people fall while skating on Frog Pond. WHO’S EXCITED?

elf excited o Half Price Tickets from Me (and Goldstar) to You

Along with presents and baked goods and family time, something I always look forward to is holiday theater. Anything even vaguely Christmassy on stage gives me all the warm fuzzies. But it can be tough to fit in ticket prices with the gifting budget.

gs logo 136x136.jpg Half Price Tickets from Me (and Goldstar) to You Half Price Tickets from Me (and Goldstar) to You

That’s where Goldstar comes in. I’ve talked about Goldstar, the discounted ticket people, before, and I love their service. Which is why I was super excited when they contacted me to be an official Goldstar Affiliate. What’s that, you say? It means I have my very own Goldstar Wicked Cheap Tix portal on this very blog. (It lives permanently under the Guides To Boston menu at the top right.) Official Disclaimer: It also means that I get a little monetary snuggle when a new member signs up and buys tickets via my links. Which I will then most likely give right back to Goldstar to get tickets for myself. It’s the ciiiiircle of liiiiiife.

So what kind of tickets can you get? How about the Boston Pops Holiday Concert, Handel’s Messiah performed by Boston Baroque, Urban Nutcracker or even Craftboston Holiday. More performances and events will be added throughout the season.

Of course there’s non-holiday-related events like Disney on Ice: Worlds of Fantasy, Back Bay Chocolate Tour, or Blue Man Group.

Want to check for tickets on the go? Traveling to another city and want to find tickets there? Goldstar has an app for that, of course.

Save some money, sing some carols, and have a cozy fun season!

GrubHub Free Delivery and a Giveaway

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It’s a weekday night. You come home from work, tired and hangry. You open the fridge and the tears well up. You wonder why you didn’t study something useful in college that would have led to a lucrative career and a private chef. You wonder why you didn’t marry that person before their start up took off and they became a millionaire. You wonder what that fuzzy stuff in the tupperware on the bottom shelf could be.

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I got you, boo. Actually – GrubHub’s got you.

Delivery is now FREE from more than 70 restaurants in the Boston area.

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