I don’t consider myself fashionable. I wear yoga pants or work out capris more days than not. I have good reason to, working in a gym. Occasionally I do like to look “put together,” but I don’t stay up on the latest doodads and whatnots. I don’t have any fashion bloggers on my feed. I KNOW. I’m sorry. I find looking at clothes kind of boring and I hate shopping (I. KNOW.)

So when eShakti first asked me to review one of their products for the blog I almost turned it down. Does anyone need clothing advice from someone who’s most expensive “piece” is a jacket from Athleta that she had to buy for work? But I like a challenge, and I like getting free products to review (lets be honest) if I can really find a way to incorporate into this whole “wicked cheap” theme.

eShakti black cotton dressWhat sets eShakti apart isn’t just their wide selection of women’s clothes – many with a cute retro feel – at reasonable prices. It’s the customization. Pick a dress, top, skirt, or jacket you like, put in your measurements, adjust a sleeve or a hemline, and get a custom made item shipped within 14 days. The first time you order, the customization is free and after that it’s just $7.50. You can also order standard measurements, but isn’t it more fun to get something made for JUST you?

I always want to make sure that I’m going to get my money’s worth out of the clothes I buy. That means making sure I’ll be able to wear them a lot, obviously. When choosing my dress, I wanted to find one that I could make work for all four distinctive Boston seasons (cold, cold, cold and UGH HUMIDITY).

I chose a cotton dress with a keyhole neckline that was originally sleeveless, added sleeves and lowered the hemline so I could wear it all year. My suggestion if you’re getting a customized dress is to have someone help you with your measurements.  I did them myself, and I think the below-bust measurement was a bit off.


Look one: Summer, when all I want to do is wear as few items as possible as I search for the closest air conditioner. Since this dress is cotton, it’s very light and breezy. The top is interesting and flattering enough that you don’t need to add anything to it to feel presentable. I wore it with sandals from The Walking Store.


Look two: Fall! A denim jacket (from Old Navy) and suede shoes (from Clarks) can ring in the best season of all. Just add pumpkin. I constantly go back and forth on whether these shoes are ugly/old or not but they tend to get compliments so I’ll keep ‘em.

Note: I searched for, like, ever for the tights I thought I had to go with this but couldn’t find them.  But if you’re looking for fun, bright, opaque tights I recommend We Love Colors.


Look three: Winter. Again, tights are recommended if you don’t want to freeze your knee caps off while waiting for the T THAT WILL NEVER COME. I digress. Is the belted-sweater look still a thing? Regardless, this is my favorite look because I love coziness.

(I’ve had the sweater, belt and boots for so long I don’t remember where any of them came from. I am helpful.)


Look four: Spring! Rock that “it’s not actually warm enough for bare legs but OMG we just survived 7 months of 15 degree weather and I am going to MAKE THIS WORK,” look. I have a thing for scarves (from H&M) and had to restrain myself from using a different one for every season but just know, I could’ve.

I’ve learned everything I know about modeling from Minnie Mouse, apparently.

Interested in giving eShakti a try? First time customers get $25 your first order! (No code needed, just register on the site and get shoppin’.)

(Disclaimer: eShakti gave me this dress for free in return for a review. All opinions are my own. Thanks to eShakti for being very accomodating when I said yes to doing this a month before my wedding and then was all AM I CRAZY? I CAN’T DO ANYTHING RIGHT NOW.)