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It’s a weekday night. You come home from work, tired and hangry. You open the fridge and the tears well up. You wonder why you didn’t study something useful in college that would have led to a lucrative career and a private chef. You wonder why you didn’t marry that person before their start up took off and they became a millionaire. You wonder what that fuzzy stuff in the tupperware on the bottom shelf could be.

Pull yourself together, and click over to

“BUT MOLLY,” you cry, “ordering in isn’t cheap! There’s delivery fees! What do I look like, a successful entrepreneur who’s invention was funded on Shark Tank and now I have a swanky luxury condo and hang out with Tom and Giselle every night?”

I got you, boo. Actually – GrubHub’s got you.

Delivery is now FREE from more than 70 restaurants in the Boston area.

grubHub Delivery Boston


And to sweeten the deal, I have a $50 gift code to give to one of you lucky Cheapos (can Wicked Cheap readers have an official title? Can it be Cheapos? Thanks)

Use the Rafflecopter to enter and a random winner will be chosen next Friday!

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